MIPSS : Books SY 2019-2020

SY 2019-2020

Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 
Notebooks (10 pcs)250Notebooks (10)pcs250Notebooks (10 pcs)250
Student Diary250Student Diary250Student Diary250
Student Handbook200Techno Kids Computer500MAPEH Handout100
Techno Kids Computer500INTEGRATED English IEEC700Techno Kids Computer500
INTEGRATED English IEEC GR1750Science Acive Learning WT K12750INTEGRATED English K12 IEEC700
Science Active Learning WT K-12650SALAMISIM (Filipino)600Science Active Learning TB K12850
SALAMISIM (Filipino)600Bagong Lakbay K12 (AP)750SALAMISIM (Filipino)600
Bago Lakbay K12 (AP)700Math For Life K12750Bagong Lakbay K12 (AP)750
Math For Life K12750Experiencing Jesus (CLE)500Math For Life K12750
Loving God the Father (CLE)500Character Formation550Encountering Jesus (CLE)600
Character Formation550Total5600Character Formation550
Total5700  Total5900

Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 
Notebooks (10 pcs)30010 Notebooks + Correspondence33010 Notebooks + Correspondence330
Correspondence Notebook30TLE Handouts100TLE Handouts100
Techno Kids Computer500MAPEH Handouts100MAPEH Handouts100
MAPEH Handouts100Techno Kids Computer500Techno Kids Computer500
IEEC English Gr4650IEEC Gr5 Kto12670Integrated English (IEEC) Gr6730
Science Active Learning TB K12800Science/Active Learning TB k12740Science/Active Learning TB k12750
salamisim (Filipino)600Salamisim (Filipino)570Salamisim (Filipino)570
Kayamanan750Kayamanan (AP) K12750Kayamanan K12750
Math For Life K12770Math For Life K12770Math For Life K12750
Walking in the Spirit600The Ten Commandments (CLE)600Celebrating Gift of Faith600
Character Formation550Character Formation570Character Formation570
New American Bible350Bible350Bible350

Grade 7 Grade 8 
9 Notebooks + 1 Correspondence 3009 Notebooks + 1 Correspondence 300
TLE Handouts (c/o Teacher)100TLE Handouts (c/o Teacher)100
Science Handouts100MAPEH Handouts100
MAPEH Handouts100Science Handouts100
Computer Book500Computer 500
Essential English650Science & Technology K12 G8750
Echoes of God's Love600English in Perspective750
Character Formation500Jesus Christ: The Moral Norm650
Our World of Math K12700Character Formation550
Kayamanan Kasaysayan Asyano700Our World of Math K12700
HIYAS NG LAHI (Filipino)750AP Kasaysayan ng Daigdig750
Science and Tech K12 G7750Hiyas ng Lahi (filipino)750
New American Bible350New American Bible350

Grade 9 Grade 10 
9 Notebooks + 1 Correspondence 3009 Notebooks +1 Correspondence 300
TLE Handouts c/o Teacher100Science Handouts100
MAPEH Handouts100TLE Handouts100
Science Handouts100MAPEH Handouts100
Computer Portfolio700Computer Portfolio 700
Science Tech K12 G9750Lang. in Lit.-World Literature IV750
Perspective in English 700Prayer and Worship650
The Church:Called to Mission650Character Formation550
Character Formation550Our World of Math K12700
Our World of Math K12 G9700AP Kontemporaryong Isyus750
AP Ekonomiks750Hiyas ng Lahi (Filipino)750
Hiyas ng Lahi G9 K12750Science and Tech K12 IV750
New American Bible350New American Bible350